February 13, 2017

words of knowledge as we talked about words of knowledge

Funny how this happens.  A few of us met to discuss a book we are reading about words of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8).  After some coffee, I went out to find a bathroom and on my way back, I noticed a table of Arab women and one man.  I got a distinct word of knowledge for a stomach issue.  I went up and asked.  Two of the people said no, but one of the women said it was her.  It wasn't bothering her at that exact time, but the Lord gave me another prophetic insight as to how often it happens (2-3 times a week) and she said yes.  So instead of praying right then (not sure why I didn't offer), I asked her to come to our table before she left.  As I was saying that, I got a word of knowledge for the woman sitting next to her – for her neck and shoulder on the left side.  She had this problem and so I prayed for her quickly and the pain left.  Why I didn't then pray for the 1st woman, I don't know but I left and went back to my table inside.  As we were talking more about words of knowledge inside, a woman had come to the pick up her coffee and I got another word of knowledge about the back of neck (in the middle).  I went up to ask the woman and it was the woman from outside that had the stomach problem (not sure why I didn't recognize her).  She was actually from a Christian background (Lebanese) and I got the impression she wasn't following the Lord.  So she said that the neck problem was for her muslim friend outside named Muhammed.  So he came in and prayed for his neck and something "clicked" during the prayer and it was healed.  Then I prayed finally for the woman's stomach issue – I told her it was never coming back.  I gave them my contact details and was so encouraged  to see the way God wanted to draw a Christian back to Himself and demonstrate His love and power to a muslim man.  I am not sure about the 2nd woman who was with them.  It was a powerful divine appointment.

Before we left the place, the Lord also gave another word of knowledge about "anxiety" for one of the men working in the coffee house – it was a word for him and then while giving it, the Lord revealed a physical problem that was causing the anxiety in his father's life.  We got to pray for him as well.  

So – talk about words of knowledge and I'll bet you get words of knowledge.  Just seems like the kind of thing our Heavenly Father wants to do.

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