June 29, 2016

revelation and healing in paradise & training a new generation

While on vacation with family on a tropical island, we have seen several people healed after words of knowledge as I got to model and train a new generation.

When we were in a restaurant, I got a word that one of the staff had digestive problems and asked our server if she would find that person.  As she walked away, I got another word of knowledge that she had a neck/shoulder issue.  When she came back with the co-worker with a digestive problem, we prayed for her and for the neck/shoulder issue of our server which was in fact an issue for our server.  The Lord touched both of them.  The woman with the digestive issue said she felt a real “peace” as we prayed.  The woman with the neck/shoulder pain also testified to a change.  I didn’t lay hands on either of them but rather had these two women  lay hands on each other as I directed the prayer.  In the wake of the prayer, I got to share God’s love for them individually and sow some seeds of the Gospel.  We also got to ask the Lord to take a “gift of healing” home for one of them to heal one of the husbands.

While visiting a beach resort, I was walking by a table where two women were working.  I got a word that one of them had a right knee problem.  I went up and asked them and one of them began to look a bit shocked.  She asked the other one, “Wasn’t I just telling you about my knee problem?”  She let me pray and during the prayer something “clicked” in her knee.  She knew that it was healed!!  But it got better.  During our short interaction, I got another very clear word for a broken collar bone (I physically felt it) and I sensed it was for one of their immediate family members.  Then the same woman whose knee was healed says that her brother had just broken his collar bone and that he hadn’t done anything about it but needed to see a doctor.  I asked if she could get him on the phone, but he didn’t have a phone with him.  So I asked when she would see him next and she said, “As soon as I can NOW”!  She was ready.  So I asked if I could put in her hand a gift of healing for her to lay hand on him when she was with him (something we have done many many times before and seen the Lord work) and instructed her to pray the part of the Lord’s prayer releasing the Kingdom, “on earth as it is in heaven”.  She felt something in her hand and I gave her my email so she could tell me exactly what happened.  I got to share a few things about God’s heart for them and know that this was a huge divine appointment for at least one woman that the Lord was powerfully drawing to Himself yesterday.

The great thing about each of these words of knowledge and the healing that the Lord brought in these two encounters was that my son’s girlfriend who is completely new to words of knowledge and healing got to “see” with her own eyes the way God works supernaturally to bring His Kingdom both in revelation and healing.  She also saw how much easier it was to then communicate the Gospel verbally after the Lord had worked supernaturally.  When we dropped her off at the airport right after the second one, she was eager to get into the airport and go and “pray for someone”.  What a fun way to train others and see another generation of healing evangelists getting a vision and being released!