September 12, 2016

Do you have a story? if not, GET ONE!!

Quote: “Our role is NOT to change minds; our role is to BLOW minds!"

George Otis' recent message at IHOPKC resonated so much with our community.  He speaks about the importance of having a story.  A supernatural story of what God has done.  This is what a lost world wants and needs.  Sometimes we Christians try to preach to the world, but they don’t even know we have “a story”.  They don’t know what God has done and is doing.  They long for transformation but they don’t know where to find it.  Their lives are full of fear and pain, but they do not know that God has an answer.  

As I listened to Otis’ message, I realized why our community has grown.  It has been all about the “stories” we were experience and telling others.  We invited people to “come and see” for themselves and they would have encounters for themselves and actually get their own “stories”.  

If this message doesn’t wake you up and inspire you, you might be dead. :)

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