September 26, 2016

Bedouin muslim man asks me to pray & then the word of knowledge comes

Yesterday an usual thing happened.  A young Bedouin Gulf Arab came to my office and asked me if I could pray for his grandfather in a coma.  First of all, I have no idea how this man heard that I prayed for healing, but let’s just say AMEN!  Anyway, as he is telling me with literally tears in his eyes, saying, “I’m so afraid I’m going to lose him”, a distinct word of knowledge slammed into the left part of my neck.  I asked him - “Did your grandfather have a blood clot in the left side of his neck that caused him to fall into a coma”?  He said, “Yes”!  At that point, my faith level shot through the roof.  I wondered if we could go together and see his grandfather to pray.  He explained how far away he was and so I came up with another plan – when he is with him in the hospital, he will call me and I’ll pray for his grandfather while he lays his hands on him.  He agreed.  He did NOT call me last night as I expected, and that is most likely because he ran the idea/offer by some of his family members and they would have shot it down.

I am praying that IN DESPERATION, he will disregard their counsel and call me and let me pray.  With the word of knowledge, I know this muslim man knows that God is going to do something.

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