November 09, 2012

another Arab muslim healed

Tonight Isaac of Ninevah and I were out with our wives.  We had the chance to offer to pray for a number of different muslims and some Christians too.  One man's wrist was better (not sure if it was 100% healed).  At the end of the night, I saw a group of Gulf Arab muslim teenagers and one had a wrist brace on.  It was a soccer injury that had happened a couple of days before.  After he told me what happened, I asked him to put his other hand on his wrist.  I prayed the Lord's prayer over him in Arabic and the Lord completely healed his wrist!  He was totally shocked.  I explained that as Christians it was our mandate to heal the sick and that God loved him.  I told him how he could find me and left the encounter at that.  When I was reunited with Isaac and our wives, they knew he was healed as they watched because of the shock and reaction on the muslim teen's face.  

November 07, 2012

to the ends of Arabia - Part 5

The fishing village morning was followed by a visit to the horse races in the afternoon.  We didn't know what God would do in such a "formal" environment, but as I was sitting with a couple of Omani muslims, one of them decided to try and tell me about islam – I knew where that was going, so I changed the subject and started talking about healing and some of the testimonies from even the morning.  He asked me to pray for him for high blood pressure which I did as we sat there surrounded by hundreds of other Omani muslims – I'm telling you, we can do this stuff ANYWHERE.  I just asked him to put his hand on his chest and I quickly released God's Kingdom.  Of course he will need to get that checked to see what happened, but afterwards he asked if I could pray for a headache that he had had for 2 days.  God healed that!  Then I began to prophesy over him and spoke to him about an angel that would visit him (this is so common with muslims and the Lord showed me a bit about the visitation).  The crazy thing I told him was that after the angel visits him he would be "a new creation" (khaleeqa jadeeda in Arabic).  He was so excited.  If he only knew what the angel was going to tell him and point him to!!!  I can't wait to hear about what happens.
Also at the horse races one of our hosts went back and prayed for another Omani muslim who was healed.  When the muslim guy I was with asked what my friend was doing, I told him, "oh, he's a healer to and is going to help that man"!  I love just being who we are.

That night we had a chance to minister freedom to a couple who have had many demonic attacks (to put it lightly).  They wanted more deliverance prayer, although they'd been through quite a bit.  The enemy was still harassing them and had them deceived about their true state and authority.  It was all about truth.  I have heard back from them and they are TOTALLY FREE now – no attacks in the night, no sleepless nights, no panic and fear.  The enemy's lie was exposed and truth replaced the lie and they are free!!  

Our last ministry time was at a new mall in the capital.  I can't even begin to share about all the different people we ministered to who were healed.  It was pretty crazy – I knew it would be good when the Lord dropped a name for me as we entered a coffee shop – it was the name of the shop employee who was friends with the group I was with.  His colleague, a Filipino was healed when I prayed.  As we launched out of that coffee shop on little "ministry trips" around the mall, we saw God touch many lives.  A Filipino woman had several conditions revealed by word of knowledge and then the Lord healed her when the girls I was with prayed for her.  Later we were able to connect her with the leadership of a Filipino Church that we met later in the mall by divine appointment.  Another Filipino woman who worked in another shop was healed of an abdominal condition.  As I was walking by her shop (an Adidas store) I got the word of knowledge and somehow knew it was for an Asian woman.  I dismissed the Adidas shop thinking no woman would work in there and so we went out looking for someone else.  Later we found ourselves back in the Adidas shop (o.k. so I like Adidas gear!).  The main reason we were in that shop was because of an Omani woman who worked there.  God revealed many things through words of knowledge for both her and her family.  She was captivated by God's revelatory power revealing these things.  She first saw her Filipino colleague healed after the Lord revealed her condition.  The missionary young woman who was with Isaac and I took her number and is going to visit her.  Of all the people we met and ministered to in our time in Oman, she was undoubtedly the closest one to entering the Kingdom.  I cannot wait to hear what happens when they go and visit her.  

Our time in the mall ended with a crazy ministry time in a soon-to-be-opening donut shop – there entire staff was there for final training and preparation and we got to minister to many of them – Christians, nominal Christians, hindus and muslims.  Prayers for healing – for both physical and emotional pain.  Isaac got to minister prophetically to the muslim supervisor.  We got to share much of the Gospel with one hindu man.  It was such a great way to end our ministry trip – and how many people know that if you heal people in donut shops, you're likely to get free donuts – all of us were given the donut of our choice.  Of course we do this for the love of God and lost people, but the worker is also "worthy of his wage" (like donuts!)

back from Oman - the healings are increasing!

We've only been back a couple of days from the trip to Oman and the healings seem to be increasing.

The day I got back we went to the mall as a family – 3 people were healed.  My wife, Desert Princess and my daughter got a word of knowledge for a woman's lower abdomen and she had pain in her ovaries and was healed.  While walking out, I got a word of knowledge for a muslim woman's knee.  I walked on as my wife and daughter stopped to pray and she is radically healed.  She was in shock.  While they are praying, I found another muslim guy and got a word of knowledge for his lower back.  I prayed for him and the pain left.

Then I tell my students some of the stories from Oman and one of them was fascinated by my "offer" to pray for the witch's healing.  She asked, "Do you think you would have healed him?" (he was paralyzed).  I told her yes and that we had seen many things healed – like blindness, and deafness.  She kept asking me so I said, "I've got a better idea.  Is anyone in your family sick or in pain?"  She said her sister was – her sister walks with a cane and is afflicted with arthritis.  I told her that I would have my wife come and "show" her how we heal instead of telling her.  She was so excited and took her number.  The meeting hasn't taken place yet, but I'll blog about the encounter when it does.

Then today an Egyptian muslim man comes to renew our internet subscription.  I got a word of knowledge for his neck and prayed for him and he was completely healed.  Knowing he had Coptic Christian friends (most Egyptian Christians are part of the Coptic Church), I spoke about how I had learned many things from the Copts about healing and casting out devils.  I told him to tell his Coptic friends about his healing.

Then tonight when I took my son to soccer practice, one of the Arab muslim players (in his 20's) came off the field with an injured ankle.  I went up to him and told him I would pray for him and God would heal him.  He let me pray.  I prayed twice and to his amazement the pain left.  He began to ask me about my faith and couldn't believe a Christian could do something like this.  It had been very painful and the next thing I know he is up and walking around.  When I left he was walking normally, and called out to me thanking me so much.  Since he attends the University I work at, I am sure I will be able to follow up with him in the next few days.  

I want to say that there seems to be a massive momentum at this time.  The Kingdom is being released on and around muslims and they are asking questions.  They are discovering that there is power in the Name of Jesus – as in each case I prayed the Lord's Prayer and clearly prayed in His Name.  More Lord.

Pakistani muslims healed

the healings are just going nuts here in the Middle East - I haven't even finished my Omani posts (1 more to go) and I've got another post about all the healings we've seen just talking to other muslims about the Oman trip - and then I took my 15 year-old daughter on a date tonight and introduce her to some employees in a bakery as "a healer". she got to pray for one of them and then a Pakistani muslim woman (a customer) is standing next to us and I tell her, "my daughter is healing that woman" - she's asks excitedly, "Can she heal me? I have a left shoulder problem!" She told us she was a Gynecologist. My daughter laid hands on her and I prayed and the Lord took away most of her chronic pain. We finished it off with another short prayer and a final "topping off" prayer (when it had gotten to 80% because Jesus doesn't get "Bs"). So then she asks for prayer to have another child - they have a daughter who is exactly the same age as my daughter but haven't been able to conceive since then. My daughter laid her hand on top of her hand and I told her that I believed she would feel something to confirm that the Lord had in fact touched her. I also shared a few testimonies of infertility that we had seen healed. During prayer, my daughter got a word of knowledge for her and so we are confident she was touched. Then we head outside to meet her husband (also a doctor) and their daughter. I got a word of knowledge for his achilles tendon - he had a chronic problem there and the Lord healed them. I invited them to our healing meeting on Friday to testify. Not a bad trip to the bakery! BTW - I LOVED that these two physicians absolutely had faith in Divine healing - so refreshing!!!

when will the Church take responsibility?

A progressively unchurched, secular America devoid of Christian values. When is the Church going to have courage to say that it's their fault? I've been thinking about this for a while now.  Having come to Christ in the mid-80's, there was such a "triumphalism" that I picked up in the Evangelical circles/culture to which I belonged. There was such an "elitism" albeit always couched in acceptable 'Christian-ese' speaking about humility and giving the Glory to God.  The idea was that the Church was no longer "irrelevant" like the denominations of before. The past and its "traditions" were always considered a bad thing and were hurting the effective communication of the Gospel. Youth ministry was booming with all sorts of new "methodologies" and approaches being embraced and implemented. Christian rock music had taken off and all other musical genres had become legitimate. Mega churches were on the rise; I attended one. "Seeker sensitivity" was the new buzzword. This trend continued (along with our self-concept of superiority) and seems to have continued strongly right up to this day - the advent of new forms of media, especially the internet only fueled this certainty that the Gospel message is penetrating this generation like never before. No place is this more apparent than in the post-modern "Emergent Church" movement, which people either love or hate, but everyone seems to imitate. 

It dawned on me just recently – what has been the "fruit" in America of all of these revolutionary ideas/concepts and/or approaches? You would think that we would have seen the percentag
e of church attendance skyrocket, seekers and the unchurched flocking to such "relevant" expressions of the faith.  Surely we would have been doing a much better job than the old, stuffy, traditional, religious, legalistic denominations of a generation ago – clearly that is what we all thought, but…

But that hasn't been the case. 

Church attendance percentages have plummeted, this generation knows less about the Christian faith than ever before, the numbers of self-identifying atheists is at an all-time high AND ALL OF THIS HAPPENED WHILE WE WERE ON DUTY! It's all happened on our shift and we therefore must take responsibility.  And yet, I've never heard a single one of those leaders from the 80's (and subsequently the 90's and beyond) admit that maybe we weren't as "hip", that our "keys" weren't as successful, that our message wasn't as relevant and understood, that our insights into the culture weren't as keen and that our effectiveness wasn't as assured as we had so confidently (arrogantly?) asserted it would be!

Sadly, the EXACT same triumphant, elite-spirited language (just read any of the current Christian magazines, or read the promotional materials of any growing ministry) is being used today by this generation of Evangelicals as the drum is being beaten with the news buzzwords of  "authentic community", "transformation", "networking", "vision", "conversation", "telling your story", "narratives" (or the super-sized "meta-narratives")  and yet with apparently (if the statistics are true) far less impact than any would admit.  The irony of ironies is that this generation of Evangelical Christian leaders are using these same dismal statistics (that developed "on our shift") to legitimize their current vision and ministry efforts!  Of course overly negative eschatologies ("it's all going to burn") and/or extreme concepts about God's sovereignty, are an easy way for us to blame shift and ultimately not take responsibility for this generation.

Instead of ending on such a negative note, what would I suggest?  Of course, first of all, I'd love to hear Christian leaders take responsibility – the mud-slinging at others (who ironically Evangelicals consider to be dead in their sins and spiritual unregenerate) should end yesterday.  The nation has been sliding into this moral mess for the last 50 years.  People have a free will, but clearly it is the Church's responsibility to communicate the Gospel to every man, woman and child.  We haven't done that very well in spite of all of our advances in media and technology.  But that isn't where the problem lies – these medium of communication are incredible.  What the real issue? In my experience, most Christians aren't communicating the Gospel with their unchurched friends and neighbors and even though I am wired as an evangelist, I too must admit that have failed massively in this area.  I have relatives that don't even know the basics of the Gospel and would be part of this unchurched, secular generation.  My family members!  I need to repent!  We need to repent for not having evangelized this generation!

Since this is a blog dedicated to miraculous demonstrations of Kingdom power, I have to say that a huge part of the Bible-believing Church that says they are committed to evangelism has little to no demonstrable supernatural power.  I lived as an Evangelical for years like that.  I am not picking on another theological camp.  It was my camp.  We simply didn't REALLY believe that God would heal people.  We didn't "see" in the Gospels how central miracles were to the message of God's Kingdom.  After more than a decade of pursuing the Kingdom with the expectation of miracles as normal, I have seen God move in ways (and I live and work in the muslim world) that I would only have dreamed about before.  Hundreds of miracles – mostly healings, but also exorcisms, dreams and visions and other supernatural experiences.  

A major problem is that a large part of Evangelical Church (especially those that look/sound/appear to be Emergent as well as those who are truly post-modern Emergents and are in some ways post-Evangelical ), thinks it is
actually "cool" to be skeptical of the claims of the miraculous.  That was pounded into me back in the 80's – we doubted everything while claiming to be "open".  Question and doubt everything seems to be the rule of the day. I distinctly remember sharing some testimonies a few years ago with the staff of a large Church and hearing openly cynical comments where in a joking way one of the pastors said, "if you need a miracle, I guess you can go see him".  I was there for years!  

I realize now that what this is; it is 
institutionalized UNBELIEF.  Something Jesus considered to be sin.  Even as I have been keeping this blog since 2006, I have many, many friends who simply DO NOT BELIEVE the stories of the miraculous that are being recounted here.  Whenever and wherever we find unbelief in our lives (and I do all the time), we simply must repent and ask God to take us into greater maturity.

As someone who lives in the muslim world, it just has become so simple for us - we love people with miracles and people change. That is the only way forward that we are finding - and I assure you that the same approach and obsession I've just described is alive and well as an export from North American Evangelicalism as organizations export and translate their new methods and approaches, which for the most part continue to devalue/deemphasize the miraculous.  When it is mentioned, it is usually categorized as rare and allocated to the realm of God's sovereign will.  The expectation however is clear – it will be these new approaches and methods with all the insights of cultural anthropology (which was my major!), that will bring the breakthrough.  The search for the "Golden Key" continues but the power to heal, perform miracles and cast out demons doesn't seem to get too much attention.  I guess 2000 year-old methods are a bit dated! (sarcasm intended).  

I must confess, I love it all – I have a blog, I have a podcast.  I prefer attending Churches with all the atmospheric changes which makes them feel like I'm in a Starbucks, with wi-fi and lattes, listening to "conversations about people's stories" in a comfortable environment while experiencing a state-of-the-art multimedia experience, cutting edge worship with dynamic, motivational teaching by a guy who looks like he's in a grunge band, 

And we can keep it all, 

let's become Christ to a lost world by manifesting His love and communicating the Gospel message with supernatural power.  Let us make sure that THE BLIND SEE, THE DEAF HEAR and the LAME WALK, etc. Jesus promised they would; do we believe that?.  If that had been the case in the past 50 years, then I bet…, I just bet that we would NOT have seen an America that is more secular, less churched, and devoid of a Christian worldview and values than any previous generation.  It isn't that it (a miraculous strategy) was tried and found wanting.  It has never really been tried.

As the great Smith Wigglesworth would declare as he considered someone sick, dying with cancer, "Not on my shift"!

November 06, 2012

to the ends of Arabia - Part 4

The morning after our amazing time of ministry in the coffee shop ended up being the most significant ministry we had during our entire trip to Oman.  We headed out in the morning to old Muscat and I had a sense that we should continue driving on to a small fishing village.  The "feel" of old Muscat is surreal.  Set on the coast between cliffs and coves as the mountains reach down to the sea is something you have to experience.  By far the most beautiful city in my opinion on the Arabian Peninsula!  We were a group of 3 guys and 3 girls and I was the only Arabic speaker.  As we walk into this small village, I remembered that several years earlier I had walked down the beach from a nearby hotel and prayed for one of the fisherman (maybe two) - I don't remember exactly.  However, I used that experience as a way to introduce ourselves.  First of all we met a group of 3 older Omani women.  I sent the guys on to the beach and shared my "story" with these women.  I told them that my 3 friends (the girls) were "healers" and that if any of them had pain or sickness, they would "read over them" (to use an understandable phrase for muslims) and that God would heal them.  They began to share their problems and were willing to have the girls pray.  I explained that the girls spoke no Arabic and so that they needed to point to where the pain was and God would heal them.  Next thing I know the girls disappear into an Omani house with the 3 women and the healings began!  In the end (and I will get the girls to share in more detail hopefully for a follow-up blog post), 7 different Omani muslim women were healed in three different houses that the girls visited.  All of this with no Arabic but just the mandate to "heal the sick".  The follow-up visits to this village are going to be REMARKABLE.  I really sensed that the next step will be the casting out of demons – which is huge in Oman.  Even as I write this, there are other Christian women with Arabic that are going to return on the next visit.

As for us guys, I caught up with Isaac and the other missionary on the beach who were already in discussion with 3 Omani muslim fishermen.  As I walked up, a word of knowledge for a right shoulder pain slammed into my body.  I knew it was going to be a good time for us as well at that point.  I explained my "story" briefly and also some of the experiences we had had already in Oman (the power of the testimony never ceases to amaze me!)  One of the three men had the shoulder problem.  I had his other friend lay hands on him (so we get a "two for one" Kingdom encounter) and sure enough the Omani's shoulder is healed AND the other man felt the presence of God in his hand as "cold" and a little electricity too (you never know what God's going to do).

The Omani man who had become my "ministry partner" had major physical issues.  He shared the most horrific story that left him almost dead a couple of years before, in chronic pain and with no explanation.  There was also several other tragedies in his family that all amounted in our assessment to a demonic assignment – why the kingdom of darkness wastes its energy afflicting those already in bondage firmly within satan's domain (Islam) is a mystery, but I guess demons are purely selfish in every possible way and there is no unity in that dark kingdom whatsoever.  We prayed for him and he received considerable relief in his legs and feet.  I also prayed for him for freedom from demonic attacks taking authority over things (both then and at his home later).  Isaac also began to prophesy over these men and we ended up getting invited to their home.

At the home, we just kept "exploring the space".  We asked if these guys wanted to be released into visions and and encounters with God – which of course opened us up for even more prophetic ministry.  So we would lay hands on one guy and ask the Holy Spirit to come.  The first one (whose shoulder was healed) didn't go into visions, but had an encounter with God that he couldn't explain.  This stuff is so much fun!!!  There was quite a bit of prophetic ministry over this man – gifts God wanted to give him and things about his destiny.

That man's younger brother was next – as we laid our hands on him, he went into a massive, long, closed-vision (saw it all with his eyes closed).  Not only did he share it, but we got to interpret what it meant for him.  Isaac also had a vision for the man that he shared afterward.

As I said, I got to pray more for the man who was afflicted by the demonic – I wanted to see more breakthrough and deliverance.  There was a distinct sadness on him and as we ministered to him that began to lift.

In the end, we had NO OPPOSITION whatsoever in this village in a 100% muslim Omani village in Arabia!  Driven by love, we simply went to demonstrate the Kingdom of God through healings, deliverance and prophetic ministry.  All of this clearly pointing to the supremacy of Christ and His Kingdom.  We were there for probably close to 2 hours and the invitations for us to return came at every junction.  Pray for this to be a wide open door for the salvation of many in this village.

to the ends of Arabia - Part 3

We left the Interior encouraged but had wanted to see so much more.  Little did we know that the fun was only about to begin.  When we arrived back in the capital, we met with a young missionary at a mall who we would be staying with.  The first healing we saw was a western woman in a coffee shop who had a cast on her foot.  She had broken her foot and it was still in pain.  I told her I was a pastor and that I believed all the pain would go if she let me pray – I told her 10 seconds was all I needed.  She agreed and all the pain left – she was very grateful.  

As we were sitting in the coffee shop, the Lord highlighted a muslim man to me.  I approached him and the man and his two friends invited me to sit down with them.  They were all Omani muslims which I didn't realize initially as two of them were in western clothes.  They insisted I sit down and I began telling them about what had happened in the Interior (I'll told you the Lord would redeem us getting shut down for His Glory).  These guys were on the edge of their seats.  Isaac of Ninevah and our missionary friend joined us at the table.  What followed was one of the most significant times of Kingdom ministry we had in Oman.  First of all I got a word of knowledge one of the Omani's backs (the one I was initially drawn to).  He was healed.  Another word of knowledge came for the same man – this time about deep emotional pain.  That was accurate.  We prayed again.We also prayed for one guy's knee but didn't really see any difference as he said he would have to wait and see.  We also got to pray for the swelling in one of the guy's ankles and we all agreed that it looked like the swelling decreased during prayer.

We began to talk about the Kingdom of God.  I explained why we weren't afraid as Christians to go to place with witchcraft because God Himself lives within us.  They were so interested.  Islam doesn't teach this and so it was something they had never heard – the concept that God comes to indwell and manifesting His Kingdom. We spoke about the kingdom of darkness and its inferiority to the Kingdom of God, how we have authority to cast out demons and another man wanted prayer for deliverance from the influence of Jinn (demons).  I told him that the coffee shop wasn't the place so we exchanged numbers for further ministry.  Isaac also ministered prophetically to these men and much of it was clearly revelatory for them.   He got that one of them was in the music industry (which he was – a DJ) and the other liked to build small things with his hands. Turns out, he was a chemist who also fixed and upgraded his own computers. 

This whole encounter was just one big redemption from the disappointments we had seen earlier in the day.  And that is the way it has gone ever since.  I tell muslims we went to the house of a witch to see him healed from being crippled and the Kingdom discussions begin!  The questions flow.  The offers of Kingdom ministry are made and accepted.  

Note: this whole encounter in the coffee shop was done in public in a mall in a muslim country under the surveillance of cc cameras.  We didn't lay hands on anybody but rather had them lay their hands on themselves. In other words, we have no excuses.

November 04, 2012

to the ends of Arabia - Part 2

From the coast, we headed inland crossing the mountains and coming to what is known as "the Interior" of Oman.  It is more conservative and people mostly live in villages or small towns.  Ironically, it is not only known for being more conservative religiously, but it is also known as the place where there is the most witchcraft.  This is something that is not only believed in Oman, but I've asked Arabs in many countries who also believe this to be true.  We decided to go to the city considered to be the center of magic and witchcraft and see what the Lord would do.  

In a restaurant we met a man from that city and asked him to tell us what he knew about the city's reputation for witchcraft.  He began to tell us some stories and the history of it acknowledging that it was far less today than in the past; however, he did tell us that one of the witches from the heyday (the 50's and 60's) was still alive, but crippled and living very close by.  We got excited.  We asked if we could go to meet him and told the man that God would heal him to show him and others the superiority of God's power over the forces of darkness.  So off we go to meet the "last living witch"!  We got to his house (it was very close) and knocked on the door.  Eventually his son-in-law came out and spoke with us.  Sadly in the end, he did not let us come in to pray for his father-in-law.  He said he was sleeping which was probably so since it was the afternoon, but we could tell that he really didn't want to let us in.  God gives people a choice even when He sets up divine appointments.  I will tell you though that this experience as we re-told it many times to others ended up opening more doors than even the testimonies of the healings. When people discovered that we Christians went to the house of a known witch to offer healing to his crippled body in a city that many won't even drive through, they were interested to say the least!  Why would we do that?  What made us think we could do that and not be 'cursed'? (I even had a student of mine ask me that today). Even though we saw NO healing there and didn't even have the actual opportunity to pray for the crippled witch, God redeemed the son-in-laws refusal into an opportunity to pray for many others.  

Our next stop was the "religious capital" of the country which ironically is the next city down the road.  Again we thought we had another divine appointment.  While walking through a neighborhood under the date palms, a man approaches pushing his son in a wheel chair.  I introduce ourselves and explain that we are healers and as Christians we are required to pray for the sick and God heals them.  I didn't get very far with this man.  He was more or less a fundamentalist muslim and simply refused our offer.  Again we were discouraged, but yet again this story of his refusal opened up doors for us later as I explained to other Omanis that he wouldn't let us heal his crippled son.  What intrigues them is that we are speaking so readily about miracles.

We didn't leave "the Interior" empty-handed.  As we had some tea before leaving the city, a couple of Omani men sat down next to us.  They were the first ones we told the "witch story" to.  I had gotten a word of knowledge that one of them (I knew which one) had a left knee problem, that it was a soccer injury (and later the Lord also indicated that it had happened 2 years earlier).  Right in the middle of the whole story of visiting the witch's house to heal him, I stop and ask about the knee problem.  They were SHOCKED!  It was like they had just seen a ghost.  I would think their first thought was "this is witchcraft", but we were clear that God reveals to us people's problems in order to heal them.  So much of recounting our story in the former city was to emphasize God's power over and above the powers of the Kingdom of darkness.  I laid hands on the man and prayed telling him that God was going to heal his knee.  I gave him my number and told him to contact me back in the capital city and to tell me how his knee was.  They were very thankful.  As of the time of writing, I have not yet heard back from him.  I am confident that I will very soon.

What in some ways felt like a disappointment (the 2 refusals and there was even one other guy we prayed for who didn't seem to get any better) ended up in the end affording us many other open doors and opportunities.  That is definitely God working all things together for good.  I know He led us to those people and was intent on healing them.  He doesn't override people's free will.  He did redeem it all by not only opening more doors to destroy the devil's work, but then doing what He always does – healing them!  Those stories will come in Part 3.

to the ends of Arabia - Part 1

Isaac of Ninevah and I decided to take a little trip to Oman in southeastern Arabia.  No particular agenda – just to love people with Kingdom power.  I've had a special heart for Oman for many years.  We've visited many times and lived there briefly many years ago.  There was a strong Christian church in Oman before Islam (they even sent Bishops to the Council of Nicea in the 4th century)

This and the following posts are some of things that we saw.

Our first night we traveled to a coastal city to visit some friends who are pursuing a supernatural, Kingdom ministry.  As we we were walking along near the beach that night we stopped to engage a group of Omani young men.  I had gotten a word of knowledge about a right eye condition and one of them had that and let us pray.  Another man had swollen hands from being stung by bees which he let us pray for and we felt like the swelling went down considerably (sometimes it's hard to tell. We should have taken before/after pictures).  We also got to interpret one of their dreams.  We also told them that the following day we were headed to the city that is considered the "center of witchcraft" to which some of them responded with fear and told us they would never go there.  We got to explain why we weren't afraid and actually what we wanted to do – more about that city and our experiences there in the next post! It was a very encouraging encounter giving us a "taste" of how open Omanis would be to receiving ministry.  Numbers were exchanged.

The next day we headed up a Wadi that had water running in it (it had rained the day before).  On our way back, we stopped to ask two Omani guys a question and one of them had his finger bandaged.  I asked what was wrong.  He had cut it slaughtering a sheep for their Eid holiday and I asked if it still hurt.  It did.  I explained that "we are healers" and that I wanted to pray for him.  He let me pray and the pain left his finger!  Numbers were exchanged.

While walking through our friend's neighborhood before we were to have an evening meeting, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge as I was walking by an Omani man in front of his house.  I explained I was a healer and that I believed God wanted to heal a particular condition.  He didn't have it, but one of his relatives did who wasn't there at the time.  We pointed him to the house where our friend lived (you could see it) and he said he would bring him/send him later.  At the time of writing this, I am not sure if he has come, but the point is that this Omani is clear where the Christians who heal the sick live in his neighborhood.  That is important!

Also on that walk, as I approached another Omani man in front of his new house, after a few words, he insisted we go inside his house.  All three of us went inside and what followed was about 45 minutes to an hour of ministry – we got to pray for him, his friend and for his brother.  We also got a word of knowledge for his wife and got to minister to her as well.  She joined us and Isaac interpreted one of her dreams after prophesying over her.  It was a remarkable time of Kingdom ministry.  Did it matter that the brother worked for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs??  Not a all!  We told them we were healers and they let us pray for them and minister to them.  Numbers were exchanged.  

We had a great time of fellowship with a group of believers in that city that night and we saw more healings (a neck and a back) through words of knowledge and a lot of prophetic ministry took place.  So encouraging.

Note:  Why am I emphasizing "numbers were exchanged"?  Many wonder (or ask) what happens after a person is healed?  How much of the Gospel was actually communicated in a quick healing encounter.  In short, I ALWAYS try to give a person a way to connect back to a Christian (or to myself) for further follow-up.  Many (if not almost every one) muslims we meet are encountering God's Kingdom for the very first time.  They've NEVER met a believer (at least one who can communicate with them) and they have no exposure whatsoever to Christ and His message.  So we are "sowing" the very first seeds in many cases.  I want them to go away and think, "What just happened?".  I then want them to actually take the initiative to call me back/text me back/email me back.  We are looking for hungry seekers of truth.  We don't chase after people who aren't interested.  In many cases they don't call me back/contact me back.  That is o.k.  I trust God's ability to lead them and to bring them to a place of further revelation and truth in His timing.