January 01, 2011

2011 BEGINS with healing miracles

Before we slept on New Year’s Eve a large group of us gathered for praise and worship to welcome in the new year. I had wanted to head out on the streets immediately to see our first healings of the new year, but it was raining. We stayed inside and God didn’t disappoint. A brand new Christian woman was healed of two conditions and we contended for a long-term chronic eye pain condition for another young lady – she was healed too! I love it that we saw 3 healing miracles BEFORE 5AM on New Year’s Day 2011 – may it foreshadow the kind of year we will have.

There were other miraculous things that occurred at our New Year’s Eve gathering – much prophetic ministry and also a manifestation of the presence of angels that many people could physically sense! It was just one of those meetings when you end up scratching your head saying ,“What just happened here?”

That’s all I can recall now – as the others record their stories, dozens of other testimonies will come in. My wife was telling me that she hadn’t seen the kind of breakthroughs in public with the word of knowledge and healing possibly ever. If I can get her to write them down, I will post them too.

Be encouraged to go and do likewise!

Kingdom stories – Part 5

People shocked and healed after words of knowledge – we entered into this cigar shop and the Lord began to reveal things about one of the women who worked there. It was the left elbow – she wanted to know “how we knew”. We explained to this Christian woman that the Lord was revealing things that He intended to heal. She let us pray and the Holy Spirit came onto the arm and she was feeling God’s power. We also prayed for her knees after two of us got words of knowledge about a knee problem. The Lord touched her knees. Next we got her to lay hands on her muslim co-workers stomach as she was complaining about pain. The Holy Spirit came and healed the muslim woman. The Christian woman was shocked about what she was feeling in her hands. Needless to say there was a massive interest to know more and we gave her the number of one of the Lebanese women leaders we were working with.

Next we headed to the American University. We met up with an Iranian muslim that one of our team had met a few days before. He had talked to him about the Kingdom and healing miracles, but he hadn’t seen one yet. A sunni muslim girl was talking to him and a word of knowledge came about a very specific place she suffered from headaches – it was accurate. Without touching her (which we almost never do in public anymore), I had her put her hand on her head as the shi’ite Iranian student watched. She was healed completely. How do I know? Because of her reaction! She was probably as shocked about the ‘revelation’ (the word of knowledge) as she was about the healing. God decided to hit 2 birds with one stone – both of these muslims were now hungry to know and experience more. Again, we followed up by connecting this woman with our Lebanese host. Can’t wait to hear about her entrance into the Kingdom that she “tasted” that afternoon!

Kingdom stories – Part 4

Words of knowledge on the way – as we left the marketplace, we got a word of knowledge for a group of woman who happened to be Christians. We got to minister to them for probably 20 minutes. The first condition was healed, other emotional pain was revealed and they let us pray for that as well. The most encouraging things was the way God’s Holy Spirit came upon each of them as they felt His manifest presence.

Then I see a group of fishermen and a word of knowledge comes for a right knee condition. One of them has the problem, let’s me pray and is healed on the spot. He tested it out and testified to all of his friends. They were Christians too, so we just wished them a Merry Christmas and moved on.

When the Holy Spirit invites you into a house – the most significant experience that afternoon in the south was when we got invited into the home of a Christian family. We offered healing and I don’t remember if we had a word of knowledge or not. The next thing we know we are inside the home and the Lord healed a woman’s right foot. Then her mother had sciatica – all the pain left her leg and lower back. A husband’s right hip and leg pain was healed. Then grandmother came in and we prayed for her – she was healed of several conditions (leg pain, upper and lower back pain). She had also been battling cancer and so we prayed for that too. We got to get some of the family involved in praying too – one young boy prayed for his grandmother along with us when she was healed. Another granddaughter in her 20’s prayed for her too and felt God’s power flowing through her hand. Again, phone numbers were exchanged. Invitations to pray for their extended family came. It was truly a Kingdom divine appointment.

Kingdom stories – Part 3

Muslims prayed for in the marketplace - When in the far south of the country we split into 3 groups and healed out to declare the Kingdom message and to demonstrate its power. I headed to a market place with a small team. I entered a silver shop and began to ask the muslim shopkeeper if he needed healing in his body (sometimes there is no need for a word of knowledge). He needed prayer for a chronic breathing problem. He showed us how hard it was to breath and it made a wheezing noise. After prayer, it was gone. He was very grateful. Next we got pray for a man who had lost most of his eyesight because of diabetes. He wasn’t healed, but let us pray and minister to him multiple times. His friend’s leg was healed however, and we got to share many things with these shi’ite muslim men. The Lebanese woman with us got to minister healing to a muslim woman who wanted prayer to conceive a child. We had approached her with an accurate word of knowledge, but she didn’t want prayer for that. Numbers were exchanged – we are expecting the Kingdom to come in her family and can’t wait to hear about the news of an upcoming pregnancy.

What struck me most is that we openly were praying for the sick in a public market place in a very tense part of Lebanon and there was no opposition whatsoever. No debates, and only one or two refused prayer (even when an accurate word of knowledge had revealed their condition).

Kingdom stories – Part 2

Muslim manger of Burger King – we’ve learned that if you can get to the manager, you can normally minister to the rest of the staff (either at a store or restaurant). That was my thinking when I asked to speak with the manager of Burger King. Sure enough he had some problems (neck and back) that needed prayer. He joined us an let us pray for him a number of times. The back was healed, the neck improved dramatically and we were invited to go and visit his family to minister healing to his sister. We didn’t get to the rest of the staff, but because the Kingdom came to his back, he heard many things about Jesus and invited us to minister healing at his home. Can’t wait to see what will happen as we go there!

Muslims and Christians touched by the seaside - A group of us decided to hike down a hill next to the sea to minister to fisherman and whoever else we would find. As we approached an outdoor coffee shop/restaurant, I got a word of knowledge for a neck condition. It was for one of the muslim women there. I had a Christian background Lebanese woman put her hand on her neck as I prayed. She was healed. This led to a domino affect of people getting touched and healed – the Christian woman was next and her back was healed. The woman’s husband, a muslim was also healed when I prayed for his knee. We got to pray as well for muslim drug addicts who wanted to be free from their addictions, a former mafia member who had a major encounter internally as I told him God had revealed inner pain. His girlfriend was next and our Lebanese host joined us to minister inner healing to her. By the end, numbers were exchanged and she wanted to pursue Christ. Finally we prayed an elderly man with chronic pain in his feet – the Lord came and took away most of the pain and he could walk much more normally. This was a massive divine appointment that began when a veiled muslim woman was healed after a word of knowledge and began to share her testimony which opened all the other doors. Many different aspects of the Gospel were shared with probably 10 different Lebanese people.

Kingdom stories – Part 1

The next couple of blog posts are going to be an attempt to capture some of the miracles we saw God perform as we traveled around the country of Lebanon this past week. Since I didn’t record the events daily, I will only be giving an overall impression of what we saw highlighting some of the more memorable healings and/or prophetic encounters.

Lebanon is an interesting country with a mixture of different religions and ethnic groups. We found ourselves during the week ministering to muslims (both shi’ite and sunni) as well as Christians from all major branches of the Church. It was a real privilege to join hands with local Lebanese believers and hit the streets together.

We saw the Kingdom come in malls, coffee shops, the street, refugee camps, outdoor markets and on the seaside. Healings also took place in Christian meetings and people’s homes. We would often get words of knowledge for different conditions that people needed healing for and they would most often let us pray.

What follows will be some of those testimonies.