October 01, 2010

it's happening!

last night my wife made a phone call to an unknown muslim woman. 5 months ago a few muslim men were healed one night. one of them, a Gulf Arab muslim, proceeded to set up another prayer appointment with a female relative of his. this man obviously is still giving out our phone number, because last night this new woman is asking when it would be possible to meet for prayer.

this is beginning to happen more and more. we see someone healed in public, and then they decide to give our number to a friend who needs a miracle. while at the market last night, another muslim woman took my wife's number as she spoke with her about healing. I also received a call this week from another man who wanted to meet because his relative was touched by God's healing touch. it's happening!

May the Nicodemus' continue contact us in the night!!!

September 28, 2010

muslim man confides "my father was a Christian"!

my Gulf Arab muslim friend has shown a tremendous openness to the Gospel for some time now (he's gone to healing services with me at a Church, he's come to an Encounter God meeting in my home for prayer AND he asked for an Arabic Bible which he reads regularly). Today he told me that his father had been a Christian! He really poured out his heart today and the many concerns he is struggling with - I showed him one of Paul's Apostolic prayers from Ephesian and told him that he needed to be praying it - he agreed.

It is clearly time to lead this man BACK to his roots - pray that he is receptive when we meet again to clearly invite Christ into his life and return to the faith of his father, grandfather, etc.

September 27, 2010

power spilling (follow up)

I posted about a Gulf Arab muslim man whose hip was touched by the Lord when we prayed. I told him that I wanted him to contact me the following day to tell me what had happened.

Sure he enough, he called! He told me that he was now able to walk up and down stairs - something he couldn't do before. His family was shocked - so much so that another family member contacted me and wants to meet.

I love it when the Kingdom comes!