February 06, 2010

the healings continue in the meeting

so after the 7 healings, we headed to a "healing service". I spoke for a while about God's will and healing (which is a confusing topic for way too many Christians) - we shared about the 7 healings we just saw (and the like 15-20 healings we'd seen in the morning with the military guys and general). Nothing like a few testimonies to lead into a time of praying for the sick.

I have no idea how many people were healed - but I know that we saw a number of back and neck problems healed. A shoulder problem. Migraine headaches. Knees. I'm just trying to remember. There were even some demons that decided to show up - we got to minister deliverance too!

It was just a great day yesterday - I estimated that we saw something like 50 healings (not that we needed to count, or even should be counting). Many heard the Gospel and saw God's power released.

7 healings before we go to the meeting

I took out some teenagers to heal the sick and told them before we went - pick a number between 5 and 10. They chose 7 - I said, "Great, we'll believe God that we'll see 7 people miraculously healed before we go to the meeting". They reluctantly agreed.

We had basically 45 minutes and we started out - we saw one man's neck healed, another muslim man's back. Then we entered a shop and saw another neck healed, a back healed (after a word of knowledge). A word of knowledge came for another customer in the shop and we prayed for her (we counted it as one of the 7 because the Lord so accurately spoke for this particular person). Then we also prayed for a man's shoulder - who was healed. There was one other that I forgot - and so we said, "we've got our 7" - and then we went to the meeting.

We got to pray for even more than that and many saw the healing power of Christ as we proclaimed His goodness and demonstrated his power - btw, the muslim guy whose back was healed was studying to become a shi'ite muslim sheikh (religious leader) - I think we messed up his theology a bit!!

It's amazing what God will do when you've got 45 minutes, 3 teenagers who want to see miracles and the Holy Spirit living inside of you! (next I'll blog about what happened in the meeting)

February 05, 2010

healings lead us into a GENERAL's office

when a group of soldiers start getting healed, eventually news reaches their commander - who happened to the a GENERAL! This is how it started - one solider (a Christian) had a neck brace, we prayed and he was healed. A 5 year chronic neck condition healed, the neck brace became the "flag we waved" then others came for healing! One notable healing is all it took and then literally we were swamped with requests for prayer.

His muslim commander also had a neck problem - I had the guy who healed lay hands on his boss. We prayed. The boss was healed. At this point, it all gets a bit fuzzy - there were just so many people getting healed (and only 3 of us ministering) that I don't remember what came next. The Lord started giving words of knowledge and we just prayed for one after another after another - they kept bringing their friends. A couple of knees, headaches, wrist pain, back and shoulder pain. Then a man comes with chronic pain in his jaw - he was physically in pain. He was dramatically healed. Then everything changes - he goes up and tell the General and so off we go to meet with the General. Along the way we are praying for people - and the Lord also is revealing things about different people. The Lord showed us that one of the muslim's daughter's needed a miracle of healing in her bones - we'll be meeting her later.

Then we are in the general's office. It just kept getting better - the Lord gives me the name of the General's sister-in-law (an Arabic name) and a condition she had in her left ear. Even the General didn't know she had this problem. He called them on the phone and CONFIRMED that she in fact had that problem. Even as people walked in the General's office, the Lord would give us a word of knowledge about a condition that the person had and we prayed - a guy's right knee was healed! A Druze woman was also in the office - the Lord gave us a word of knowledge about a condition her daughter had. We'll be going to pray for her later. We got to pray for the General - the Lord also gave us a number of words about conditions he had (back, wrist pain) and also some prophetic words for his wife. Needless to say we are going to meet with he and his family in the coming days. Basically, all in all, there must have been like 15-20 people who were healed of one thing or another. Some needed to wait and see. Some will come to our healing meetings that we are having in the next few days. It was just such a KINGDOM MORNING.

BTW - this is what NORMAL CHRISTIANITY looks like.

February 03, 2010

just one of those weeks

as I am reflecting upon the last week, it is remarkable all the things that God has been doing miraculously. not only what I've seen personally, but just around the lives of all who we are running with. truly the Father is ALWAYS WORKING and will release His Kingdom I believe far more than we normally would expect. The days we are living in are days of acceleration. As Randy Clark once said, "This is the worst time in history to be backslidden". I think I agree.

Gulf Arab muslim man's shoulder problem revealed

while standing in line to pay my phone bill, I got a strong word of knowledge for the muslim man who was behind the counter. I asked him what was wrong with his left shoulder. He began to tell me about an injury he had lifting weights. I asked him after a minute, "Do you know how I knew you had a shoulder problem"? He said, "No, how?". I shared with him that God reveals what he want to heal. I then prayed a quick prayer for his shoulder. He couldn't tell if there was a difference, but took my phone number. I told him I would love to meet him again to tell him more about healing.

February 02, 2010

muslim man's arm grows out in front of our eyes

Tonight I took a group out to "spill". My personal rule is "I don't go home until I see a miracle". For me personally, the night was pretty slow. It seems most of the words of knowledge I was getting were wrong. We got to pray for a couple of people, but no real clear breakthrough. I was encouraged to get an accurate word of knowledge for an Indian Buddhist man who had a back problem - but we couldn't check if he was healed as it wasn't hurting at that time.

As everyone else was heading home, I took off with a couple (first time on the streets with us) to go see something miraculous. God just NEVER disappoints us - sometimes it is at the end of the night (as it was tonight), but He always does the miraculous!

We are literally 100 yards from our cars - and as we are walking by a couple of Lebanese muslim men, I get a word of knowledge for a back problem. I inquire and one of them has the problem. That got their attention. Then I start talking to his friend who had been in a horrible car accident and one of his arms was literally like 2 inches shorter than the other (due to injuries to his shoulder and elbow). I got to pray for this and wasn't seeing any change. Finally, I have him hold them out strait (before I was having him lift them over his head). We all could see that one of the arms was about 2 inches shorter than the other. We began to pray again. As I wasn't seeing the breakthrough, I had my friend go and put his hand on the affected shoulder and we prayed again. This time the arm begins to grow out right before our eyes. It was stunning - both of these muslim men were declaring it to be a miracle! I've never seen anything as dramatic before my eyes. We were all just in shock at what the Lord had just done!

Before we left, the Lord gave another word of knowledge for the other man's stomach and it was also healed - couldn't leave him out!

February 01, 2010


Kingdom living was/is/should be all about multiplication - Not one 'anointed' individual entertaining crowds of other believers. As I am watching a group of wild Kingdom citizens taking the Gospel of power to the streets, to hospitals, to restaurants, to their places of employment, etc. I am thinking - "Why haven't we seen this before"? I know there are exceptions, but basically the Church has defaulted into lifting up superstars rather than expect the entire Body to really get equipped and do the stuff.

The message of Jesus and what He modeled was all about multiplication. When it started to get too much about "the Apostles" in the Book of Acts, God puts His Spirit on the Stephen, Philip and the other 'non-Apostles' and they modeled yet again God's intention - to put His Spirit ON HIS PEOPLE rather than a few 'select' individuals.

There may have never been a time (since the earliest days of the Church) that more people are expecting God to use them in supernatural ways than today. As a student of Church History, I don't make that statement lightly. Maybe the Celtic Church from the 6th-8th centuries or the Church of the East in 9th-12th (who took the Gospel to Central Asia and China), but then again I think it was still largely focused on a handful of 'anointed saints' who moved in power.

May this trend continue - largely a group of 'nameless and faceless' believers taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to a lost world.

follow-up testimony - tonsillitis healed!

a couple of nights ago, when that unique healing anointing was present, many were healed. One 6 year-old girl with a chronic tonsil condition came for prayer as she was definitely on the road to a a new severe infection. She was in significant pain. Her parents had been inquiring about pain medication that we had in our home (which we didn't). Then the Lord began to release a special healing presence. She came for prayer. We prayed a couple of times and all the pain left.

The report this morning - 3 days later - from the mother is that she was/is completely healed! It was the first time that they had seen breakthrough with this chronic tonsillitis. The lack of results with healing prayer had been having a negative impact on the faith of this young girl. She has now "tasted and seen that the Lord is good".