June 12, 2009

'drive-by' (literally) healing of muslim man

This morning while I was driving home I saw an Egyptian muslim man limping down the street. I pulled up in my car, called him over to the window and asked him what was wrong. He told me his knees had pain - especially his right knee. I opened my car door (the car is still running) and without even asking (except for his name), I laid my hands on his knee and began to pray in Arabic for his healing. After a minute praying clearly in the Name of Jesus, I asked him to walk and test it out. He said, "All the pain is gone - praise God". Then he puts his other knee up to my car door and I prayed again for his knee pain to leave in his other knee. At the end, NO MORE PAIN.

This was literally a DRIVE BY healing - car was running and a car even pulled up behind us and began honking.